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Documents In Context

  A Complete Customer Information Profile
  Aviator Software’s Documents In Context™ gives employees access to all customer information contained in e-mails, correspondence and office documents from within applications they use every day. This unique solution to a long-standing problem is made possible by three proprietary technological advances:
  • Integration with Lotus Notes e-mail systems
  • Integration with Microsoft Windows applications
  • Integration with customer accounts databases
The results are faster access to critical information, better decision-making, reduced paper-handling and increased productivity. Read more about how Documents In Context is helping a Fortune 500 Insurance company.
  The Challenge
  E-mail, correspondence, office documents and other unstructured customer information make up an increasingly large portion of customer account information. This critical information supports day-to-day business transactions such as underwriting policies and processing claims.

Unfortunately, this type of information cannot easily be stored and managed in traditional customer accounts databases. E-mails remain locked inside personal folders, paper correspondence overflow file cabinets, and office documents overcrowd shared drives and personal file systems.

As a result, this unstructured customer information is not easily available to the people who need it.
  The Solution
  Aviator Software's solution addresses the need for insurance companies to access and share unstructured customer information. The solution, called Documents In Context, includes unique document management and integration technology developed over the past five years. For insurers, the main attraction is the advanced integration with systems currently deployed in the company: customer accounts databases, enterprise e-mail and office productivity applications. Integration is handled by proprietary client-side and server-side application programming interfaces (API) that extend existing applications so employees can quickly access all the customer information in context.

  The Benefit
  Insurers are more responsive to opportunities and less at risk from errors and omissions when all customer information is easily accessible by employees. Using Documents In Context, insurance companies provide employees with a complete picture of their customers, with dramatic results in productivity, customer responsiveness and profitability.

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