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The "Killer App" for Domino Sites

Network Layout Diagram

  Domino Leads the Intranet Wave
  Domino is the acclaimed leader in developing and deploying interactive applications on local networks and the Internet. See http://www.lotus.com for more information. 

Domino is a mature client/server groupware engine with robust security, server-to-server replication, messaging infrastructure, directory services, mobile support, and development environment. 

Domino supports all the Internet standards for sending and receiving mail (POP3, SMTP, MIME), displaying HTML and JavaScript, running ActiveX and Java applets, and operating interactive CGI applications. 

  If You Don't Use Domino, Aviator is the Reason You'll Want to Start
  If your organization has been considering Domino as an Intranet platform, Aviator is the reason you'll want to get Domino right away. 

Document management is a compelling application for Intranets because it embodies all the benefits of networked applications: 

  • Instant access to the right information any time, any place,
  • Secure distribution of information inside and outside your organization,
  • Collaborative work,
  • Process automation.
Aviator runs on the native Domino platform and requires no server modifications, which makes Aviator and Domino the right combination for you. 
  If You Already Use Domino, Let Aviator Leverage Your Investment.
  If your organization is already reaping the benefits of Domino, Aviator will increase your Domino return on investment at little extra cost. 

With a Domino infrastructure already in place, your organization can rapidly deploy Aviator with a minimum of disruption to your existing systems and work habits. Aviator is a completely self-contained Domino application (without external files) that installs directly onto your existing Domino servers. 

And Aviator supports all the Domino platforms so you don't have to worry about setting up and maintaining a new server.   


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