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  Threaded Discussion
Aviator incorporates the powerful Domino feature of threaded comments in the library. Users can attach rich text comments to documents, and can even attach additional files with their comments. This feature provides more opportunity for collaboration by allowing users with read-only access to still provide feedback and additional information to files stored in the library.

Aviator lets users submit comments to documents and responses to comments in a hierarchical discussion thread. Comments are linked to the related document for easy reference and retrieval, providing immediate access to the organization's shared knowledge

Threaded Revision Histories
Some packages require several mouse-clicks to access a document's revision history. In Aviator, revision histories are saved as threaded responses to the latest revision.

Automatic Notification
Document managers can be notified when a comment is made to one of their documents. A user that posts a comment to a document can be notified when a response is made to that comment. Users can notify other users when they check in, release or delete a document - in addition to the standard distribution list. In addition, users can notify anyone about any document they have access to by simply selecting the Share This button in the document. Top
  Version Control
  Check in / Check out
Documents are checked out for editing. Checked out documents are protected and cannot be edited by anyone else. However, users can still view the original document while the new document is being edited.

Documents can be checked in as a replacement to the original or as a new revision (either option can be required). Aviator supports minor and major revisions. Revisions to the same document are grouped together for easy reference.

Alphanumeric Revisions
Alphanumeric revisions allow manufacturing firms to use Aviator without changing revision schemes currently in use. Top

  Document Classification
  Libraries contain cabinets. Cabinets contain folders and documents. Document lists in cabinets let users browse for documents by name or by another attribute. Documents can also be grouped into categories or displayed as an index. Personal folders can be created to group related documents and other folders..

Flexible User-Defined Library Hierarchy
Unlike document management systems that force categorization to mirror traditional library science structures, Aviator has a flexible hierarchy that allows users to categorize and subcategorize their documents according to familiar structures from their existing file management systems.

Supports Rich Text
Aviator supports Notes rich text in its documents which can be used in combination with file attachments to create truly informative documents. Top
  Full Text Search
  Documents can be searched using attribute matching (for example, a document's name, id or date) or by using keywords and phrases. Searches can be performed on a single cabinet, selected cabinets, or an entire library. Keyword searches look for matches among the document's attributes, rich text and file attachment(s).

Search results can be scheduled for automatic update by the server, which gives users access to the most up-to-date information effortlessly..

Informative Search Results
Aviator returns search results with important information like document name, summary, ID #, revision level, manager's name, and location of the document to help users more easily identify the particular document they're looking for.

Save and Schedule Searches
Aviator allows users to save complex search parameters and schedule periodic searches in the background to maintain updated results. Top
  Multi-Level Security
  1. Administrator access
  2. Library security
  3. Cabinet security
  4. Document read/write security
  5. Private/public folders
Advanced Audit Capabilities
In addition to its document action log, Aviator has a reader log that monitors any user access to any document. The reader log can be set to only record after the document has been open for a specified number of seconds.

Cabinet Status Control
Aviator offers three levels of access to cabinets (edit/read, read-only, and no access) which, when combined with the ability to move multiple documents from cabinet to cabinet, provides powerful archiving functionality. Top
  Review & Approval Workflow
  Documents can be reviewed, edited, approved, or rated using an integrated review process which supports predefined and ad hoc routing. E-mail notification and automatic escalation ensure prompt action.

Parallel Review
Aviator's improved workflow allows multiple users to be assigned to review a document simultaneously. The powerful "parallel" workflow can be incorporated in series with any review process requireing simultaneous as well as single reviewers.

Flexible Review Profiles
With Aviator, you create and manage review profiles separately from document profiles, so a pre-defined review can be re-used with any number of different documents.

Flexible Review Actions
Unlike other systems that only allow one defined action throughout the course of a review, Aviator allows for the assignment of a separate action to each reviewer (e.g., Stan – approve; Fred – edit; Alice – comment; Samantha – rate) during the same review.

Flexible Escalation Options
While some systems force users to assign one review duration for all reviewers, Aviator allows for the assignment of a different duration for each reviewer (e.g., Stan – 1 day; Fred – 2 days; Alice – 1 day; Samantha – no limit). Aviator also allows users to “pass” a reviewer and continue the review cycle if someone does not complete his or her assigned task in the designated amount of time. Top
  Electronic Distribution
  A formal ISO 9000 compliant document change request and release process ensures that documents are not distributed until they have been reviewed and approved. Change requests can be released as replacements to the original or as new revisions.

Permanent File Links
Aviator automatically generates URL links to files contained in Aviator documents. These special hypertext links provide a way of linking to files stored in Aviator without having to open the library, cabinet or document. In addition, Aviator's unique architecture maintains permanent DocLinks and URLs so that users always access the latest version of a document in the library – the links do not need updating every time a new version is created. Top
  Fully Web Enabled
  Aviator can be accessed by standard Web browsers on an internal or external network (e.g., Internet). Users and administrators can perform all document management functions using the Web browser without the need to install and learn Lotus Notes. Top
  Centralized Knowledge Base
  Document management is the first step towards true knowledge management for any organization -- electronic information created and used by employees every day is the real foundation of a company's knowledge.

Aviator provides the location for the entire organization to share and build its knowledge. As individuals, departments, teams, customers and partners manage and share their information in Aviator, a useful, centralized knowledge base grows.

Group your favorite documents
From any one of Aviator's cabinet views, users can now drag and drop their favorite or most-used documents into the Favorites Folder (Notes clients only). Top
  Integrated With Office Productivity Applications
  No more detaching and re-attaching files
Users now have three options to easily manage their files:
  1. From the Notes client, users can automatically launch files* directly into the file's native application, edit the content, and resave the file back into Aviator without detaching and reattaching the file.
  2. From their favorite office application, users can open files* from Aviator and save new or edited files into Aviator without opening Notes.
  3. Users can also download files to their local directory for editing then upload any changes. The download/upload functionality supports check out and check in (Notes clients only).
* Files must have been created in ODMA-compliant applications such as MS Office, Corel, SmartSuite, or MS Visio.

Support for ODMA-compliant applications
  1. Aviator's ODMA client now supports the latest Microsoft 2000 suite of office productivity applications including MS Excel.
  2. Support for Corel's WordPerfect Office 2000, including Quattro Pro and Presentations, is also included.
ODMA Supports Multiple Files
Aviator’s ODMA client interface supports multiple file attachments per document, and retains full functionality for each compliant file. Top
  Support for Mobile Users
  Users can now download any files from Aviator into Aviator Personal or their local file system (Windows Explorer), edit the file content while disconnected from the server, then upload their changes when reconnected to the server. The upload/download functionality supports check out and check in (Notes clients only). Top
  Import Files and Documents
  • File and document import functionality has been moved from Aviator Personal to the Aviator Library to improve performance, centralize the importing process and expand the importing capabilities (Notes clients only).
  • Notes documents can now be imported by simply cutting and pasting from a source database, or by emailing the document to the Aviator Library database (Notes clients only).
Scheduled Automatic Importing
Aviator has automatic and scheduled import functionality for files in existing directories and documents in existing Notes databases. Aviator retains the folder hierarchy and classification of files imported from shared drives, allowing users to keep working with familiar structures and locations of documents. Top

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