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Aviator's Benefits

  Primary Advantage
  Aviator provides your organization a business-critical application for harnessing corporate knowledge, enabling it to gain a competitive edge through increased productivity, enhanced collaboration, and faster decision making.
  Faster Access to the Right Information
  Aviator creates a centralized electronic library accessible from Lotus Notes clients or standard Web browsers. Files are organized in a flexible hierarchy made up of cabinets, categories and user-friendly views of work in progress or time-sensitive files. Team members can easily browse or perform keyword searches for the files they need. Aviator's version control and action logging provide a detailed history to ensure the information is accurate and up to date.
  Better Online Collaboration
  Aviator provides a dynamic environment for team collaboration. Aviator enables individuals to share file editing rights so other team members can update files on the fly. Read-only members can contribute to a file's content by posting comments to the file and participating in online threaded discussions. Aviator's electronic distribution keeps all team members up to date with the latest changes.
  Automated Review and Approval
  Aviator's integrated workflow engine automates file review and approval cycles. Review actions include editing, approving, commenting or rating. Deadlines are sure to be met with user-defined escalation schedules and e-mail notifications. Aviator saves time and effort by taking control of your team's review and approval processes.
  Integrated with Existing Applications
  Aviator's ODMA client lets users work in their familiar office applications to store and manage files in the Aviator library. From office applications users save new files into Aviator, open existing files from Aviator (as edit or read-only), and re-save changes to existing files - all without opening the Notes client. From the Notes client, users launch files directly into their ODMA-compliant applications and save the files back into Aviator - all without detaching or re-attaching a file.
  Powerful and Flexible Security
  Aviator ensures all files are secure at every level of the library. Users that have access to the library can only see and access cabinets they are given access rights to. Users with access to cabinets can only see and access documents they are given access rights to. Cabinet administrators easily determine who has access to their cabinets. Document managers have the ability to modify their document access on the fly - allowing everybody or only him/herself to read its content.
  Support for Mobile Users
  Aviator Personal is ideal for mobile users who need to work on files and documents on the road. Installed locally on the Notes client, users download documents from the Aviator library to Aviator Personal, and then upload any changes once reconnected to the server. The download and upload utilities support check out and check in. As a stand-alone database, users can use Aviator Personal to manage their personal files. For mobile users who prefer not to work in the Notes environment while on the road, Aviator and Aviator Personal let users download files to their local system directory, and then upload any changes back into Aviator and Aviator Personal when reconnected to the server. The download and upload utilities support check out and check in.
  Superior Control over Critical Information
  Aviator ensures critical information stays controlled. Flexible document profiles provide the ability to lock down revision actions for business-critical documents. By enforcing rigid controls, Aviator ensures certain individuals always review and approve changes to documents, ensures past revisions of documents are never removed from the cabinet, and ensures the information is available only to people with granted access.
  Low Maintenance Administration
  Aviator was designed to make life easier for the system administrator. See our Low Maintenance Page.

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