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  Knowledge Management

  There's a world of information...   Are you searching the world for effective Knowledge Management?

  A First Step
  Getting control of your organization's files is the first step. Aviator harnesses the knowledge contained in the files dispersed across desktops, laptops and shared drives. Document management helps organizations leverage the collective knowledge in their user files and documents enabling them to perform more effectively.
  Knowledge Management
  When done properly, a knowledge management (KM) deployment can be extremely valuable to an organization. But with all the KM solutions on the market - where do you start?

The simple concept underlying KM is leveraging an organization's collective expertise. You can find this expertise in two places: tacit knowledge or know-how (that which is elusive and collectively held in the brains and experiences of others), and explicit or recorded knowledge (documents, forms, policies, etc.). It is extremely difficult to manage the brains and experiences of others, but not so difficult to manage the recorded knowledge generated by others.

The key to starting a KM initiative is to fully leverage the knowledge contained in users' documents and files.

Due to limitations of today's standard file management systems, documents become lost in a sea of information. Furthermore, today's file systems such as Windows Explorer, provide insufficient collaboration and poor coordination of review and approval cycles.

A robust flexible Document Management Technology (DMT) system harnesses the knowledge contained in documents to save time and improve collaboration. It also manages ad hoc documents - the ones currently stored on your shared drives. DMT systems provide the ability to manage and share documents with internal employees and external parties making your documents a valuable knowledge source.

Start your KM initiative today by taking control of the knowledge contained in your organization’s documents and files. You will be well on your way to a knowledge-enabled organization.

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