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Simplified Maintenance & Administration

  Simple by Design
  If you are considering a document management system for Domino, Aviator is specifically designed for ease of maintenance and administration.
  Aviator - Document Management Technology for Domino
  Aviator is the best Document Management solution for Domino on the market today. We took the concept of a shared drive and added version control, workflow and multi-level security in a centralized, structured and collaborative environment.
  Leverage Your Lotus Domino Investment
  Aviator runs with Lotus Domino's robust, scalable and secure infrastructure, making it ideal for organizations that want to leverage their existing platform investment. Aviator is a collection of open-source Domino databases that can be cost-effectively deployed to multiple servers without local installation. Users can access Aviator from their Lotus Notes clients or standard Web browsers.
  Aviator is a Low Maintenance Solution
  Aviator was designed to make life easier for the system administrator:
  • Automated library setup and cabinet creation simplifies installation
  • Utilization of your existing address book simplifies maintenance
  • Delegation of cabinet creation without modifying Domino server restrictions
  • User-maintained document level security
  • Automatic system management of all database Access Control Lists
  • Native Notes code provides platform independence and easy server-to-server replication
  • Open source code and API offer accessible customization
  • Daily maintenance log provides health check of all databases and reports errors
  • Support for ODMA lets users access and edit documents directly from their office applications
  • A unique personal database lets users take their files on the road
  • Integrated import features from shared drives and Notes databases speed up deployment
  • Familiar Notes interface makes user adoption and training a snap

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