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Aviator Attach

Attach is a unique Windows application for managing files in Notes, and only Attach integrates all Windows applications with Notes - not just Microsoft Office!

  Use Everyday Office Applications
To Work With Files in Lotus Notes
  Employees spend much of their time working with Windows office productivity applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Word Pro, or WordPerfect. For employees that use Lotus Notes, it is difficult to manage those office files in Lotus Notes databases and applications. Fortunately, there is now a solution that seamlessly integrates the Windows and Lotus environments… Aviator Attach!

Directory Tree
Fig 1. Libraries, databases and views in Aviator Attach.
  Attach Benefits…
  Aviator Attach will revolutionize the way your users work with files. With Attach, users can now easily store files in and access files from their Lotus Notes databases. Attach:
  • Provides a single Windows 'portal' for managing files in Aviator and any database application;
  • Saves time by eliminating tedious file detaching and re-attaching;
  • Allows users to open and save files directly from familiar office applications.
Lotus Notes developers can use Aviator Attach to give their end-users a familiar Windows interface that allows browsing and editing files in any database application.
  What Is Attach...
  Aviator Attach is a collection of software components that integrate with existing Lotus Notes databases:
  • The Aviator Attach plug-in is installed on every PC to enable a Windows dialog that ties the Desktop to Lotus Notes databases.
  • The Aviator configuration database is installed and configured on a Lotus Domino™ server. The configuration database specifies the databases to be accessed by the Attach plug-in.
See the System Requirements to ensure Attach will operate in your environment.

Attach Main Dialog Panel
Fig 2. Categories, documents, responses, and files in Aviator Attach.
  How Attach Works…
  Attach enables seamless file management between office productivity applications and Lotus Notes. Once installed on the user's PC, Attach provides a Windows dialog to access any Lotus Notes database. Attach uses the Lotus Notes client to communicate and authenticate with Lotus Domino servers, and works even if the client is not open:
  • Users open the Attach dialog on the desktop, browse database categories and documents (including responses), then read, edit, delete or add file attachments.
  • From an office application, select File-Save and the Attach dialog is displayed to navigate databases and save the file attachment. Likewise, users select File-Open to browse the Attach dialog and read or edit files.
Files launched in edit mode are saved back to the original Lotus Notes document without requiring the user to find the document and re-attach the file.
  How Attach Saves Time...
  Attach simplifies the processes of creating new files and saving them into Notes databases, and accessing and editing files already attached to Notes documents. By eliminating steps in the processes, Attach saves valuable time.

For example, consider the following two scenarios. In both, Attach does not require the Notes client to be opened.
1. Creating a new file in Microsoft Word and storing it in a Lotus Notes database…
The Old Way w/ Aviator Attach
  1. Create a file
  2. Select File-Save
  3. Browse the directory
  4. Save the file
  5. Close the file
  6. Open Notes
  7. Browse the databases
  8. Open a document
  9. Select File-Attach…
  10. Browse the directory
  11. Attach the file
  12. Save the Notes document
  13. Delete the file from the directory
  1. Create a file
  2. Select File-Save
  3. Browse Attach
  4. Save the file
  5. Close the file

2. From the Windows Desktop, editing an existing file stored as an attachment in Lotus Notes…
The Old Way w/ Aviator Attach
  1. Open Notes
  2. Browse the databases
  3. Find the document
  4. Launch the attachment
  5. Edit the file
  6. Select File-Save
  7. Browse the directory
  8. Save the file
  9. Close the file
  10. Go back to Notes
  11. Find the document
  12. Delete the original file attachment
  13. Select File-Attach…
  14. Browse the directory
  15. Re-attach the new file
  16. Save the Notes document
  17. Delete the file from the directory
  1. Open Attach
  2. Browse Attach
  3. Find the document
  4. Open the file
  5. Edit the file
  6. Select File-Save
  7. Close the file
  Integration Options...
  If you fall into one of the following categories, please contact us!
Lotus ISV Business Partners
Interested in integrating Attach with commercial applications
Other Lotus Business Partners and Commercial Developers
Interested in integrating Attach with custom databases and apps
Corporate In-house Developers
Interested in integrating Attach with custom databases and apps

    Email attach@aviatorsoftware.com

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