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Aviator Team/Enterprise

  Aviator's Integrated Solutions
  Aviator's document management technology leverages the power of the Lotus Notes/Domino platform to deliver comprehensive document management services that integrate with your existing systems.

  Aviator Team Features
  Knowledge Base
  • Support for any File Format
  • Maintain E-mail Format
  • Store E-mails Attachments In-line
  • Default Document Settings
  • Multi-Level Security for Cabinet and Document
  • Alarms for Time-Sensitive Documents
  • Scalable Multi-Database Structure
  • Flexible Document Categorization
  • Server-to-Server Replication
  • Server-to-Client Synchronization

Version Control
  • Check Out and Check In
  • Numeric and Alphabetical Versions
  • Event Audit Trail
  • Permanent Links to Latest Version

Office Application Integration
  • Support for Microsoft Office
  • Support for ODMA-Compliant Applications
  • Browse Library from with Application
  • Open from Library using File - Open Command
  • Save to Library using File - Save Command
  • Check In to Library using File - Close Command

  • Collaborative Editing
  • Automatic Distribution by E-mail
  • Ad Hoc Sharing by E-mail
  • Threaded Discussions

Full Text Search
  • Search Document Properties
  • Search Content of File Attachments
  • Search Comments · Search Across Cabinets
  • Filter by Field and Date
  • Find Word Variants
  • Customize Layout of Search Results
  • Create Search Subscriptions and Share With Others

Library Functions
  • Personal View of Assignments, Search Results, Favorites and History
  • Import from File System
  • Export to File System
  • E-mail Documents to the Library

  • Open Source User Interface (for Lotus Notes and Web Browser)
  • Open Source Agents (for Lotus Notes and Web Browser)
  Aviator Enterprise Features
  Everything in Aviator Team Plus…

More Collaboration
  • Major and Minor Versions
  • Integrated Wokflow:
    • Parallel and Sequential Review
    • Support for Groups/Roles
    • Notification by E-mail
    • Reminders by E-mail
    • Optionally Skip Holidays and Weekends
  • Review and Approval Templates
  • Review Quotas and Instructions
  • Automatically Pass Late Assignments
  • Document Protection after Approval

More Library Functions
  • Scheduled Archiving
  • Scheduled Purging

More Customization Options
  • LotusScript API and Source Code (for Lotus Notes and Web Browser)
  • OLE API and Source Code (for Windows and Database Application Integration)
  More Information
  See Aviator's system requirements for the hardware and software needed to run Aviator Team and Aviator Enterprise.

Additional information can be found in the FAQs or Sales information pages.

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