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Technical Information

  On-line Internet Support

Free on-line support is available from the following pages of our Web site:

- Frequently Asked Questions
- On-line Documentation

  Email Support

Email support is available for all Starter Pack purchases for 60 days, and any Aviator Maintenance purchase. If you have technical questions, and cannot find the answers on our Web site, please contact support@aviatorsoftware.com.

Telephone Support

Telephone support is available if you purchased Aviator within the last 60 days or if you purchased Aviator's Application Support (annual Named Caller or Per Incident). Please contact your Library administrator to verify your support level. Terms for telephone support are defined in the Aviator License Agreement, Aviator Technical Support Agreement, and Aviator Application Support Agreement.

  Sales Support

Of course you can always contact sales@aviatorsoftware.com with any questions you have regarding Aviator.


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