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Product Tours

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  Aviator is a document management system for Lotus Notes and the Internet. This brief presentation offers a look at how Aviator helps real people solve real business problems. 

With the following real-life cases, you will discover some of Aviator's powerful features and understand how Aviator can help you and your company better manage information.

Please select one of the cases below to learn how Aviator makes life easier for different Aviator users. 

It's a real trip.
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Better File Management - Robert shows you how Aviator eliminates the Notes detach and re-attach for quick changes to files.

ODMA Integration - Susan shows you how easy it is to access your files from within your applications using ODMA.

Mobile Users - Patty and William show you how Aviator provides superior support for mobile users – 2 different ways! 

Faster Access - Josephine shows you how Aviator improves access to your company's critical information. 

Sharing & Collaboration - Alberto shows you how Aviator provides a forum for information sharing and collaboration. 

Review & Approval - Natasha shows you how Aviator shortens your review and approval cycles. 

Setup & Administration - Carter shows you how Aviator makes setup and administration easy. 

  More Information
  See Aviator's system requirements for the hardware and software needed to run Aviator, Aviator Personal and ODMA.

Schedule a demonstration, or purchase a Starter Kit to experience Aviator's capabilities first-hand. Additional information can be found in the FAQs or Sales information pages. For speedy response to a particular question use the Information Request Form.

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